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Bodog Casino Pays out $159,000 Jackpot in Let'Em Ride

Let 'Em Ride Bodog Casino

One lucky player recently took home the Progressive Jackpot at Bodog Casino. Playing Let 'Em Ride, Zachary M. hit a royal flush, netting him a huge $159,000 Jackpot win!

Playing Let 'Em Ride, Zachary placed a $1 side-bet for the outside chance of taking home 100% of the jackpot. With a 1 out of 649,741 chance of hitting a royal flush, many players opt to not take this side-bet, but Zachary decided that it was worth it, especially based on previous experience.

For Zachary had hit a royal flush in the past at Bodog Casino, but had not made the side-bet. "It hurt," Zachary said. "That's why you can't be afraid to go big and always make the side bet."

This time, he did not make the same mistake. The Californian native was quoted as saying: "I've been playing Let 'Em Ride a little while and when I hit the jackpot I couldn't believe it. I was very excited."

And what does he plan to do with his money? "I'd like to take a vacation. And I'd like to enter the World Series of Poker tournament." He may even decide to take the remainder and see if he can hit an even bigger jackpot in future!

So why not try your luck and like Zachary, you too could be winning the vacation of your life! Bodog Casino offers a variety of Progressive Jackpot games, from Let'Em Ride and Caribbean Stud Poker, to the traditional Online Slot Progressive Jackpot games. So start your Online Casino career today, and you too could be deciding what to do with your Jackpot win!

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