Bingo is a highly popular lottery-type of game, similar to the casino game of Keno. In bingo, players have to mark numbers on their cards in the hopes of matching the numbers to those on communal bingo balls. In order to win, players must be the first to announce “bingo!” when they complete patterns on their bingo card. Bingo balls are imprinted with numbers and randomly drawn by the dealer or a casino machine.

A bingo card consists of 15 numbers, with 90 sequenced bingo balls that can be drawn during the game. The goal is to match all of the numbers on the player's card with those drawn by the dealer as early as possible.

The game of online bingo starts with player purchasing bingo cards. Different casinos may offer a different number of cards – usually from 1 to 9. While players are not able to choose the numbers, they have the option of changing the whole card if they don't like the particular combination. Players also have to choose how much money they want to bet on every card. The more the wager, the bigger the payout.

After the cards have been purchased and bets have been placed, the casino software starts drawing bingo balls in random order. The more numbers on the player's cards that match the ones that have been drawn, the better the chance of winning. The game usually ends when all 90 bingo balls are drawn.

As with most of the casino games, the rules and payout structures in bingo may vary between different online casino providers. For example, one of the most popular online casinos – Casino770, offers a mixed game of bingo and keno where players may purchase up to 9 bingo cards and play for the progressive jackpot.

In this game only 20 bingo balls are drawn during one round and each card is payed according to how many numbers in the card were drawn. It is not necessary to fill the whole card in order to win money, but if you do score 15 numbers after drawing 20 bingo balls you will be payed extremely big money.

Playing bingo at an online casino is much more simple than doing it live. First of all players can buy a number of tickets and not worry about having to to mark all of them simultaneously, because the online casino software marks the cards automatically. Another advantage is that a single online bingo game takes much less time than a live one, giving players more chances play more games and potentialy win more money.

Bingo Strategy

Bingo is a game of chance, with bingo balls being drawn by Random Number Generators. This means that the player cannot influence the outcome of the game. However, there are certain strategies and techniques that players can employ in order to increase their chances of winning more money.

One of the options is to purchase as many cards as possible – the more cards (and numbers) you have, the higher your chances are of wining. Because bingo is mostly a game of luck, a lot of players also tend to buy cards with their lucky numbers. It always makes a better story when you win big in Casino Bingo with numbers taken from anniversaries, dog's birthdays, or the ones printed in fortune cookies. There's also Horoscopes, if you'd like to know the numbers that are lucky for your particular zodiac sign on any given month.

As bingo is offered at a number of online casinos, players can try out a number or gaming providers and see which casinos they like best (and which ones are the most lucky). Check out our list of online casinos that offer bingo games and enjoy choosing your favorites.

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