The Boule

La Boule Rules and How to Play and Win!

La Boule is a popular French casino game comparable to roulette, which can also be found in many popular online casinos played by both French and international fans.

Boule (which is French for ball) is played with a Boule wheel as a betting layout and a rubber ball. The wheel consists of 36 numbered holes which are either red, black or yellow and the numbers range from 1 to 9.

On the Boule wheel, the numbers are placed next to the holes in a consecutive order. Each number is imprinted on the Boule wheel four times, which means that the ball is more likely to land on a specific number than in roulette.

How to Place Boule Bets

The bets in Boule are placed in the same way as in roulette. You may bet on a single number, on the color, on odd and even numbers and on the low (1,2,3,4) and high (6,7,8,9) groups of consecutive numbers.

How to Place Boule Bets

Keep an eye out for “5”:

Number 5 in Boule is the same as a 0 or 00 in roulette, and the hole next to 5 is yellow and means that all the wagers which did not bet on 5 are lost. As there are as many as four 5's on the wheel the chances of it being spun are greater than those of spinning 0 in roulette.

NOTE: While this may seem a little unfair, keep in mind that the higher odds of getting 5 and losing are offset by the increased chances of rolling a specific number!

The game of Boule begins with players placing their bets. As soon as the bets are made the dealer spins the wheel and launches the ball. Eventually the ball stops on one of the numbers and this determines the winners.

The payout structure in Boule is actually very simple:

All the single number bets pay 7 to 1, whereas the other bets (odd, even, red, black, low, high) pay even money: 1 to 1. The house edge on all bets is 11,11%.

La Boule Rules and How to Play and Win!

The Best Boule Strategy for Winning Big!

Basically Boule is a simplified version of roulette and a nice game to play if you're a roulette fan looking to change up your gaming experience. Although the house edge is rather high, Boule is the game where one can make single number bets and have reasonable hope for it to come up.

As in roulette, some players like to keep track of the game and see which numbers and colors tend to appear more often. Remember that Boule carries an 11.11% casino edge, but with the right eye for trends you can leverage this by keeping an eye on the game history.

Another suggestion when playing Boule is, of course, not to get carried away and control your bets. It is always wiser to make safe bets namely colors, odd or even, high or low as they offer better odds.

The Best Boule Strategy for Winning Big!

When betting on some particular number it is important to know that there's only 1 chance out of 10 that it will come up. Although that's a much higher possibility than when making the same bet on roulette, the house edge is still quite high, therefore such bets should not be made too often.

More Winning Boule Tips!

Aside from making safer bets with higher winning odds, much like roulette betting systems you can also apply a money management strategy that will ensure you leave the table breaking even in the worst case scenario!

The Martingale Betting System can be applied to nearly any casino game involving bets, and Boule is no exception! This Boule trick to winning involves following a series of simple steps when placing bets. Each 'session' starts with your first bet, and ends when you win. The rules for the session are as follows:

  1. When you lose a hand only bet the same amount you lost.
  2. When winning a hand raise your bet by one chip only.
  3. Collect any wins you’ve made during the round, and start the round again.