Casino War

Casino War is by far the easiest game you can play in an online casino. There isn't any skill involved, making it an attractive game to play if you feel like gambling without having to think it through.

Casino War is played with six decks of cards. Once the players place their bets, the game begins. The dealer deals one face up card to each player and one to themselves. If the player's card is higher than the dealer's, the player wins (and vice-versa). Cards are ranked at face value, with Ace being the highest.

If the player's card ties with the dealer's, they can either go to war with the dealer (they would need to double the initial bet) or they can surrender by forfeiting half of the initial bet. If the player decides to go to war, the dealer burns three cards and the player gets another face-up card as well as the dealer. If the player's second card is higher than the dealer's, they win the original wager. If the dealer's second card is higher than the player's, the dealer wins both bets. If there is another tie, player's doubled wager is paid out at 1:1.

Players can also wager on a tie, which pays 10:1. Basic optimal Casino War strategy is not to bet on a tie and, if facing a tie, always go to war. Going to war makes a better bet than surrendering.

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