Red Dog

Red Dog is a fun casino card game variation of "Acey-Duecey" or "In-Betweens", and while it is rarely found in brick and mortar casinos, it is quite popular online. The game is very simple to learn and easy to play.

Red Dog is played against the dealer, with cards ranked as in poker. The suits are irrelevant and aces are always high. First thing to do is to place a wager, and then click the DEAL button which will issue you with two cards. The aim of Red Dog is to bet that your next card will be ranked between the ranks of the two cards that you have in front of you.

The odds of you hitting a card that is in between your two varies depending on the "spread" of your cards. So for example if your two cards were 5 and 10, then the spread would be 4. A favorable spread is 7 or more.

If the two cards dealt to the player are consecutive cards then the hand is considered a "push" due to there being no spread, and your bet is refunded. If the two cards are identical, then a third card is dealt, and if you hit 3-of-a-kind you are then paid out 11/1. If the third card is not a match, then the hand is also a push.

If there is a spread between your two original cards, then the dealer announces it and you have the option of placing an additional bet up to the amount of the original wager. In Red Dog you are betting that the third card dealt will fall between the spread. If the third card matches either card or falls outside the spread then you lose your bets. However, if the card is in between your two original cards then you will be paid out according to the following Red Dog payout structure:

  • 1 card spread - Pays 5:1
  • 2 card spread - Pays 4:1
  • 3 card spread - Pays 2:1
  • 4+ card spread - Pays 1:1 (Even Money)
  • Consecutive cards - Push
  • Pair - Push
  • 3-of-a-kind - Pays 11:1

Red Dog Strategy

The optimal Red Dog strategy is actually very simple – players should only bet when the spread is 7 or higher. The other bets – 6 spread or lower serve the casino and have a high house edge. Therefore the wagers on lower than 7 spread should be avoided. Keeping to this easy, but very effective Red Dog strategy might bring you financial benefit in the long run although the 1:1 payout may not look very tempting. The following list shows the odds of winning in Red Dog:

Card spreadPaysOdds of winning

As you can see, the odds of winning only begin to favor the player once there is a 7 card spread, which means that you should always stick to the optimal Red Dog strategy and bet only on 7 or higher card spread.

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