Vegas Three Card Rummy

Vegas Three Card Rummy Rules Explained

Vegas Three Card Rummy is an easy casino card game, similar to Three Card Poker but with a different hand scoring system and without the ante bonus. This player vs dealer poker variation is popular in both live and online casinos, and is played all around the world.

So, how do you play Vegas Three Card Rummy?

Using a single deck of 52 cards, Vegas Three Card Rummy ranks each card at their poker value, with the exception of the Ace always being low.

The goal of the game is to collect less points than the dealer by using low cards, getting pairs, and making suited connectors. In order to qualify the dealer must have 20 points or less, and if the dealer does not qualify, the player's Ante is paid with even money while the raise bet is pushed.

Vegas Three Card Rummy Rules Explained

Pushed means that the bet is returned to the player with no losses or wins!

How to Play Vegas Three Card Rummy

The game of Vegas Three Card Rummy starts with players placing the Ante Bet and a Bonus Bet (optional).

Once the bets are placed both the dealer and the player are dealt three cards. The dealer's cards are dealt face-down, whereas the player's are face-up. Having seen their own cards, the player has the option of raising or folding.

Should the player decide to raise (make a bet equal to Ante), the dealer reveals their hand and thus determines the outcome of the game.

The following table shows the card value in Vegas Three Card Rummy:

Cards from 2 to 10Face Value
Jack, Queen, King10 Points
Ace1 Point
Any Pair0 Points
Any Three of a Kind0 Points
Two-Card Suited Run0 Points
Three-Card Suited Run0 Points

After the player receives their cards, they should determine their hand value very carefully. While this is mostly not an issue with online casinos as they tend to show the player's score, in live casinos it is very important to know your exact score in order to claim your win.

The game of Vegas Three Card Rummy ends once the dealer has shown their cards and the value of both hands has been determined. If the player wins by scoring fewer points than the dealer, they get payed according to the payout table which will be shown below.


Should the dealer collect less points, the player looses the hand along with their Ante and Raise Bets. If the dealer collects more than 20 points, they do not qualify for the game and the player gets their Ante Bet paid in equal money and their Raise Bet is returned.

If the player decides to fold before the dealer's cards are revealed, they lose the game and therefore the Ante Bet. In the event of a tie both the ante and the raise bet are pushed.

Vegas Three Card Rummy Payout Table

In Vegas Three Card Rummy the player's raise bet is payed out according to the amount of points they've collected. It is important to note that when the player wins a hand, their ante bet is always payed with even money and only the raise bet qualifies for a higher payout.

The raise bet payout table for Vegas Three Card Rummy:

04 to 1
5 to 12 to 1
6 to 191 to 1

In Vegas Three Card Rummy players may also place a bonus bet which pays according to the number of points the player collects, without needing to win against the dealer. The bonus bet pays by the following payout table:

Suited A-2-3100 to 1
025 to 1
1 to 62 to 1
7 to 101 to 1
11 to 124 to 1
13 to 30Loss

The Ultimate Vegas Three Card Rummy Strategy

The strategy of the game is actually very simple: raise on any hand with 20 points or less and fold with 21 or more.

The Ultimate Vegas Three Card Rummy Strategy

As 20 is the dealer's qualifying point, it doesn't make much sense to bet with 20 or more points, as the player would only get their wager back as the dealer would not qualify. Also, the chances of winning against the dealer with 20 points or more are not very high.

What About the Odds?

While the raise bet offers better odds of winning, the bonus bet should also be placed. The chances of getting a low hand of up to 12 are rather high, and the payouts are much better than those of the raise bet.

Another thing to keep in mind is that the bonus bet would make you feel much better if you lost to the dealer's 10 with your 11.

Vegas Three Card Rummy Tips & Tricks to Beating the House!

Aside from following the basic strategy outlined above, the only factor to consider when playing the game is knowing when to leave the table. Moreover, it is incredibly important for all gamblers to only play with money they can afford to lose.

Vegas Three Card Rummy Tips & Tricks to Beating the House!

The only way to beat the house is to pace yourself, make smart bets, and evaluate the odds while applying the optimal game strategy described earlier.

Over time, all casino games pay the house, meaning that once you notice you're down on your luck for a while you should go ahead and take your leave!

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