Bodog's Calvin Ayre Challenges 1st Tech CEO to MMA Fight

  • Jonny Vincent
Calvin Ayre

Bodog CEO Calvin Ayre has apparently had just about enough of Scott Lewis and the 1st Technology patent lawsuit and has challenged Lewis to a MMA boxing match.

Perhaps inspired by German director Ewe Boll's frustration with critics of his films (Boll Challenges Critics to Fight), Ayre has challenged Lewis to a 3-round Bodog Fight rules MMA showdown. Calvin Ayre has posted a $1 million prize money challenge to entice Lewis into the ring.

Scott Lewis' legal team has been trying to pigeon-hole Ayre in the 1st Tech v Bodog patent battle, trying to force him to travel to the US which Ayre is almost certainly not going to do due to risk of unwanted US DoJ attention and possible arrest.

On his blog, Ayre responded to Lewis' claim that he needs to personally show at a Nevada court. Ayre is dismissing the claim as bogus, saying (to Lewis):

It is also a sign of desperation that you are pretending to try to examine me just to issue press releases that I will have arrest warrants issued. Your own evidence that's already been submitted proves that I am not an officer or director and it's also easy to prove that I don't own that company and the company can easily provide someone to prove what I am telling you about that company not having assets….but if you cannot steal from me by black holing my domains maybe you can embarrass me into letting you steal from me, right?

Scott Lewis: You want money. I want to hit you…repeatedly. In a lawful way, of course.

I have no clue as to the the physical fitness of Scott Lewis, but if this fight goes down, I'm putting my money on Ayre.