The Ultimate Blackjack Bonus Hunting Strategy

Any advanced online casino player is a pro at bonus hunting. But if you're not quite there yet, let us give you a little introduction to how to find and make the most of casino bonuses.

What is Casino Bonus Hunting?

Online bonus hunting is when players sing up at online casinos, poker rooms or betting sites to cash out the bonuses offered by the gaming provider.

However, as different online gambling sites offer different bonuses and wagering requirements, some of them are more favorable for bonus hunters than the others.

What is Casino Bonus Hunting?

So How Can You Spot the Good Bonuses?

For example, if you sign up at an online casino with a 200% up to $500 sign up bonus, it means that if you make a $250 deposit you will receive an additional $500 casino bonus into your account.

Basically, the casino will add 200% of whatever you drop to your bankroll, as long as you make the minimum deposit stated in their terms and conditions.

In addition to a minimum and maximum amount you need to deposit to claim the bonus, there are other important bonus rules and requirements to take into consideration before applying!

The Key to Mastering Casino Bonus Hunting

Before you even begin browsing through casinos keep in mind that not all casinos give out bonuses for your first deposit. Some providers are generous enough to allow their players earn deposit matches across multiple deposits!

More deposit matches = more bonus cash!

If you have several deposit match bonuses available, let’s say 5, and we are using the same example of a $250 first deposit from earlier, then it’s more profitable to split your $250 into five rounds of $50. You would still make same amount of bonus cash, but without blowing too much money at once.

However, blackjack bonus hunting usually includes making the full deposit immediately as the goal is to get that bonus as soon as possible, instead of gambling your money away and then having to make another deposit later on.

The Importance of Wagering Requirements When Choosing a Bonus

The Importance of Wagering Requirements When Choosing a Bonus

Another important thing to know about bonuses is that they usually have wagering requirements. This means that to receive the bonus one needs to wager a certain amount of cash to “release” the bonus.

Casino bonuses can be issued in small bits as the wagering requirements are fulfilled step by step. For example, for every $20 you wager the casino releases $5 bonus into your account. The wagering requirements also vary between different online casinos, usually it's from 10 to 50 times the bonus amount.

How Do Blackjack Wagering Requirements Work?

For example, if you sign up at an online casino offering a 200% up to $100 first deposit bonus with the wagering requirement of 50x it means that you'll need to wager $10,000 before you may withdraw your blackjack bonus.

It is also very important to calculate your expected profit. In the given example, you may do it in the following way: multiply the wagering requirement from the expected house edge (0.6%) and you will get $60. This number is the amount you will lose while playing basic blackjack strategy.

Since you received a $200 bonus and lost $60 due to the house edge while wagering the required amount, you end up with $140 in your account ready to be withdrawn.

Don’t worry, it gets easier with practice!

BEWARE: Not all the online casinos allow you to withdraw any of your bonus money. Sometimes they only let their players cash out the winnings and not the bonus that has been issued by the casino.

The bonus money in such a case is only meant for the internal use within the casino. These usually include special bonuses applied for specific games. So, before you go bonus hunting at the blackjack tables you should get familiar with the bonus terms and conditions.

How to Clear Your Blackjack Bonus and Cash Out!

How to Clear Your Blackjack Bonus and Cash Out!

When you start playing blackjack to clear your bonus, you should always choose to play low stakes in order to reduce your losses to the minimum.

This means that you will have to play more hands to wager the required amount, but that's just the way the blackjack bonus hunting works. What you need to do is relax, enjoy the game and always stick to the basic blackjack strategy.

Compared to other casino games like roulette or Boule, blackjack is probably the best choice for a bonus hunter as it offers a very low house advantage. If the player uses the optimal blackjack strategy the casino edge is reduced to less than 1% allowing you to withdraw most of your bonus cash!

However, some online casinos may exclude blackjack from the list of games eligible for clearing the bonus so once again you must read the bonus terms very carefully before you start playing!